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Aegina’s Traditional Settlements


You will find many clumps of small houses - ten here, twenty there - in the mountainous areas of Aegina. These are the old livestock farming settlements: Anitseo, Vlachides, Pachia Rachi, Kylindras, Lazarides, Sfentouri, Aposporides, Gianakides, Kanakides, Kapotides, Margaronides, Benakides, Freatsi and Psachni. Remnants of yesteryear, full of memories and life experiences, they offer a reality in sharp contrast to the organised beaches, the bars and the comings and goings of town life. The building walls are made of stone and the ceilings are supported by age-old beams, creating a sense of economy in heating and water. It is a solid world built upon our primal relationship to the Earth, but at the same time ethereal.

Pachia Rachi or Pachiorachi: Pachia Rachi, one of the oldest settlements on the island of Aegina, dates back to before the Revolution of 1821, in which many of its inhabitants took part. It is a place raised on stubbornness and pride. One visit will give you insight into what it means to wed the present with the past. Most of the stone-built houses have been superbly renovated by new owners, both from Aegina and elsewhere. You enter an attractive, quiet village, without cars and shops - just two churches in the middle of the road. The flag of the Revolution of 1821 was raised at the small church of the Archangels (Taxiarches) on the right. Pachia Rachi continues to fly its flag of independence above the buzz of modern life. Perhaps it's because of its proximity to the temple of Hellanion Zeus and Mount Oros, the island's highest point. It is cocooned in a mystique that helps it retain a sense of privacy and peace. As of the 2001 census, it had 28 residents. Some of them are writers, others artists, while others simply live there. If you come across an ad for a rental property, it will most likely mention that the place is ideal for a writer or researcher.


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