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Sailing in Aegina


Located in the middle of the Saronic Gulf and a short distance from the Attica shores, Aegina is a popular destination for sail boats hired out by major sail boat charter companies on the mainland. It is not just Aegina's position that makes it attractive, but also its special characteristics: its unique sunsets, the charming harbour with the neoclassical buildings and its temperate weather. Especially in summer, when it is busiest, the pleasant, refreshing S-SW wind that picks up in the early afternoon, known as the "boukadoura", is one of the main draws for the hundreds of boats sailing daily on the island's waters. But even when the sea gets rough, one of the many coves, beaches or nearby islands will provide shelter while you weather the storm. Meanwhile, the historical Yacht Club of Aegina (NOA), which has won many distinctions on a national and international level, offers sailing lessons for youngsters year-round, with a special academy in the summer for beginners.


1. How can one rent a sailboat? In the Kalamaki, Floisvos, Trokantaro or Glyfada areas of Athens, or via Internet. Rentals are available both with and without a crew. Some boats are available for rent on Aegina, skippered by the owner.

2. Where can I moor a boat like this? In the main ports of Aegina, Souvala, Perdika and Agia Marina, as well as in dozens of coves and coastal areas, as long as regulations about anchoring a safe distance from swimming areas are followed.

3. What are the most popular destinations for sailboats? The captivating islet of Moni opposite Perdika, with the wild animals and crystal-clear waters, is an ideal destination. It is also possible to travel under sail to other uninhabited islands in the area - Platia, Metopi, Dorousa, Aponisos in Angistri and other areas and bays of tourist and historical interest. Such spots include pine-covered Agistri, Poros, Ancient Epidaurus and its ancient theatre, Methana with its thermal springs or the historic islands of Hydra and Spetses.

4. Where can one go for sailing lessons for children? Contact the local yacht club at 2297028690 or by email at noaegina@yahoo.gr. The sailing academy is held every July, but additional beginner's lessons are also held in April-May each year. Upon completion of the lessons, most children can travel alone in a small Optimist sailboat.

5. What do you need to rent a sailboat? At least one of the crew members should be certified for offshore sailing and an additional crew member should have some knowledge of sailing. For foreigners, it is only required that two crew members declare a knowledge of sailing, without requiring a certificate.

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