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Markelos Tower of Aegina


According to tradition, the Markelos Tower of Aegina was built around 1802 and in 1826 was used as a base for the interim government for four years. It was built by Aegina official Spyros Markelos, a member of the Filiki Eteria active in the 1821 struggle for independence and later a member of parliament for Aegina. However, its architectural form indicates it had probably been built in the late 17th century and may have been part of fortifications intended to protect the harbour. There are accounts saying that during the War of 1821, it was used to house well-known military men and politicians, such as Ioannis Koletis, Nikolaos Mexis, philhellene Charles Fabvier and others. In 1826, it housed the Administrative Committee and in 1827 was the headquarters for the Temporary Government Committee until Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias' arrival in 1828.

In the period from January 1828 to the end of 1829, while Aegina was the capital of the newly formed Greek state, Markelos Tower was used as a guest accommodation for government ministers. Nowadays, Markelos Tower belongs to the Municipality of Aegina and is the home of the Kapodistrian Cultural Center and the Spyros Alexiou Centre for Social Issues. In addition, it is used as a gallery for exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photography and for other events staged by the active and growing artistic community of the island.





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