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The Monastery of Ag Nektarios


In 1904, the director of the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School of Athens, Metropolitan of Pentapolis Nektarios Kefalas, selected the Xantos area in Kontos to establish his own monastery. He began to build the first cells to house a small sisterhood on the ruins of the older monastery of Zoodochou Pigis, founded by St Athanasia. The Metropolitan dedicated the monastery to the Holy Trinity. Agios Nektarios chose Aegina because of the spirituality of Paleochora and because Agios Dionysios had also lived there centuries earlier.

Nowadays, the monastery and the new cathedral of Agios Nektarios are places of worship, comfort and spiritual renewal for thousands of Greeks and foreigners who visit throughout the year. Those visiting the monastery may pay their respects to the saint's relics and visit the room where he lived and wrote, away from the everyday world. The monastery observes the date of the saint's death on 9 November, and on 3 September observes the transfer of his remains.

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